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At our location in Kerpen-Türnich we offer to our customers a modern warehouse with about 12,000 square meters as well as a very good infrastructure for our contract-logistics.

In both fields, our central location between the motorway interchanges Köln-West (10 km), Kerpen (5 km) and Erfttal/Bliesheim (12 km) with direct connection to the motorways A1 (5 km), A4 (5 km) and A61 (1 km) offers advantages.

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  • Envelope and storage of goods
  • Warehouse & Logistics Services and LANXESS Warehouse
  • We can serve the Port Köln-Niehl, Köln-Godorf and Neuss, the Railroad-Container-Terminal Köln-Eifeltor, the Chemparks Leverkusen and Hürth-Knapsack, the Chemistry locations Köln-Godorf / Wesseling and the Euregio Maas-Rhein. Furthermore, we offer transportations in the areas of Mannheim / Ludwigshafen, Saar-Lor-Lux including Belgium and the Netherlands as well as the transit-tours to France, Spain and Portugal.
  • As a medium-sized forwarding company we reach a high-performance and flexibility in the contract-logistics to solve ambitious tasks. In addition, we have short communication channels.
  • Our multilingual team is qualified to offer customized value added services, to optimize the flow of goods and to improve the creation of value. You can rely on our warehouse experts concerning the perfect handling (storage and envelope) of your goods.

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